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2020 Back to School Supply Drive

Help our students kick off the new school year right!

We need your support.

One of the highlights of a school age child’s life is going to shop for back to school supplies.  They eagerly go with their parents with classroom lists in-hand to pick out their favorite things!  Sadly, many students served by St. Al’s often miss out on this special experience because their families do not have the financial resources or transportation to take them.

Our solution each year is to reach out to the community to join us in making the back to school experience happen for our students.  We have corporate partners who host in-office supply drives with wish lists provided by our teachers.  Our teachers then ‘shop’ from the collected items to make sure each student has all of his or her supplies to start the school year. 

Unfortunately, like so many other normal activities, COVID-19 threatens our traditional school supply drives with the majority of our business partners now working from home and not going to their offices each day.

To provide our children everything they need, while also keeping everyone healthy and safe, we have created several ways for you to help over 180 students at our Hamilton & Butler County campuses!

In the Classroom


You can sponsor a student's school supplies, a classroom's PPE materials, or an entire classroom's school supplies to start the school year!

Art Supply

Amazon Wishlist

View our Amazon Wishlist, full of school supplies, cleaning equipment, and personal items for students. Please note these items are primarily in larger quantities that will supply one or more classrooms.

School Notebook

Supply Shopping

If you prefer to shop for items in store, we have other special opportunities beyond those listed above. Please contact Mark Phair to find out more!


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