St. Al’s Day Treatment is a therapeutic program five days a week for youth ages 5 to 14 coping with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.


Kids learn coping skills and practice positive social interactions with peers and adults.

Kids in Day Treatment at St. Al's participate in group activities that are cognitively stimulating and help to address the deep emotional difficulties that often lead to challenging behaviors. Trained therapists use the Teaching Family Model, a proven method to help children who struggle with behavior–management and self–discipline.


Most children attend Day Treatment in conjunction with St. Aloysius education program.

Through the use of creative,

individualized, and strength–based interventions, it is our mission to empower young people and their families with the skills and confidence they need to make positive changes and cope effectively with the inevitable challenges of life.

The caring, highly-trained therapists, case managers, teachers and physicians at

St. Aloysius are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in professional

mental health care.

Children and families need different support services at different times. A child benefits most when therapy providers work together with a family to determine what is  needed and where a child’s needs can most effectively be met.

Our Day Treatment Locations

4721 Reading Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45237


3101 Dixie Highway

Hamilton, Ohio 45015



St. Al's is an integrated network of mental health and specialized education solutions for children and adolescents in Southwest Ohio, providing resources needed to manage the impact of trauma--

and move beyond it.



4721 Reading Road

Cincinnati, OH 45237

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