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St. Aloysius Mission Statement

At St. Aloysius we believe that every child deserves to receive a good education, no matter what challenges they may be facing.


As part of our mission, we strive to be a leader in furthering education for all children throughout our community and statewide. Part of the way we fulfill this mission is by being a proud Charter School Sponsor for the state of Ohio.

The CSS Mission

We will be a high-performing sponsor that employs a team of qualified customer service-oriented professionals dedicated to increasing access to high-performing schools by expanding educational opportunities, improving school performance and ultimately lifting student achievement.

Become a partner

If you seek a partnership with a sponsor that shares your desire for helping children and families; 

if you find value in the advocacy that comes from having a sponsor that doesn’t have to balance the needs of traditional school systems or teacher unions;

and if you find value in the support that comes from competent and trustworthy technical assistance, consider a sponsorship relationship with St. Aloysius.

Community School Sponsorship Application Information

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