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  • Is St. Aloysius an orphanage?
    No. During the 1960's and 1970's, traditional orphanages in America were discontinued as a result of a new national emphasis on foster care, and also because mounting research showed (and continues to show) that children do best in a family environment. St. Aloysius ran some residential foster care programs, but completely discontinued foster care several years ago in order to focus on tremendous community mental health needs.
  • Is St. Aloysius a Catholic insitution?
    No. We have no affiliation with the Catholic church today, but honor our early 19th Century Catholic roots.
  • How can you give a young child a mental health diagnosis?
    Research shows that half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14. Scientists are discovering that changes in the body leading to mental illness may start much earlier, before any symptoms appear. Through greater understanding of when and how fast specific areas of children's brains develop, we are learning more about the early stages of a wide range of mental illnesses that appear later in life. Helping young children and their parents manage difficulties early in life may prevent the development of disorders. Once mental illness develops, it becomes a regular part of your child's behavior and more difficult to treat. Even though we know how to treat (though not yet cure) many disorders, many children with mental illnesses are not getting treatment. Some children get better with time. But other children need ongoing professional help. Talk to your child's doctor or specialist about problems that are severe, continuous, and affect daily activities. Also, don't delay seeking help. Treatment may produce better results if started early. Source: National Institute of Mental Health
  • Who are the kids at St. Al's? Where do they come from?
    Kids throughout Southwest Ohio receive services at St. Al's. Referrals are generally made through public school districts, primary care physicians, or other healthcare professionals.
  • What services does St. Al's offer?
    St. Al's offers a continuum of care which includes mental health assessment, day treatment, specialized education, early education resources, school-based services, outpatient therapy, and medication management. We help children ages 3 through 17.
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