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School-based Services

On-site treatment teams are fully immersed in your school’s culture and surrounding community, backed by a multi-disciplinary team of independently-licensed mental health professionals, and a full continuum of care.

Young people with access to mental health services in school-based health centers are

10 times more likely to seek care for mental health or substance abuse than those who do not.

Kaplan, D.W., Calonge, B.N., Guernsey, B.P., Hanrahan, M.B. (1998). Managed care and school-based health centers: Use of health services. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 152: 25–33

Working to support your child's success

Sometimes, kids need extra support to help them identify and access the resources that will help them succeed in their schools, their work, their homes and their communities.

Collaboration between school and St. Aloysius therapists is essential to coordinate a child’s therapy

St. Al's Case Mangers make a difference in the lives of our students and families by providing

  • Assistance in achieving personal independence through effective management of basic needs

  • Development of daily living skills

  • Coordination of treatment, such as therapy and medication management

  • Advocacy and outreach

  • Assistance with accessing natural and sustainable support systems in the community

  • Linkage to more formal, professional services and systems

  • Monitoring of symptoms and progress in treatment

  • Assistance during times of crisis when strong and stable supports are needed

  • Education and training that is tailored to your and your child’s specific needs, abilities and readiness

  • Treatment interventions that address symptoms, behaviors, thought process and other difficulties

Our Community Locations

3316 Werk Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45211


4627 Aicholtz Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45244


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