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Specialized Education

St. Aloysius Education Center is a safety net for children in grades K-11. Every student has an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) which supports successful learning in children diagnosed with either an emotional, cognitive, or a specific learning disability.


Our nonpublic charter school meets all of the State’s standards and is equipped to provide individualized educational services with highly qualified staff, maintaining a ratio of 1 staff to 4 children. The Cambridge School serves Butler County students and St. Al’s Education Center in Bond Hill serves Hamilton County students.

Empowered Learners

Digital Citizens

Knowledge Constructors

Innovative Designers 

Computational Thinkers

Creative Communicators

Global Collaborators 

Art & Music

Art and music therapy provide children the opportunity to tap into the limitless possibilities of healing and self-expression to explore emotions, events and beliefs connected with trauma and mental health issues. Art as a therapeutic intervention provides a means for children to connect with and safely express feelings, events and experiences.

Music Therapy curriculum is provided by a Melodic Connections AMTA Board Certified Music Therapist for all St. Al’s education students. Music therapy uses music to enhance social or interpersonal, affective, cognitive, and behavioral functioning. Music therapy helps to reduce anxiety, promote verbalization, and strengthen interpersonal relationships and group cohesiveness. 

St. Al’s is home to esteemed Cincinnati nonprofit, Learning Through Art, directed by Kathy Wade. St. Al’s partners with Learning Through Art to promote literacy, learning, and imagination in the classroom.

Our Specialized Education Locations

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