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St. Al’s provides a Continuum of Care through evidence-based and result-driven programs to support children and families throughout the Greater Cincinnati region. All children served experience one or more mental health diagnoses. Many of the children and families served suffer from a generational cycle of family trauma and traumatic stress.

St. Al’s works every day to improve the lives of children and adolescents who are deeply disadvantaged, through no fault of their own. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every child has a chance; a chance to get an education, to grow character, to develop positive social skills; a chance to learn coping skills with which to meet life's inevitable challenges.

Transforming Lives for a Lifetime.


The quote "Make Yesterday Jealous" sparked the imagination of one of our students during his Art Therapy program. 

The children we serve work hard to Make Yesterday Jealous" as they work to overcome their mental health and emotional challenges.

This process is not easy. That's why we need your support.


We rely on people like you to support our mission to transform lives for a lifetime. 

Today, we need you to become a hero. Today, we need you to make the decision to support the children we serve. 

Together, we can make yesterday jealous.


When you support St. Al's, you deserve to feel proud. Each tomorrow is a stepping stone to another child's bright future. 

Every morning you will know that you are leaving an impact on the life of a child, helping them thrive. 

Because of our heroes, every tomorrow will make every yesterday jealous.

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Evan, 14

"St. Al's helps me to be the best me I can be and like I always say, you're not guaranteed tomorrow so bring it every day!"

- Evan


Our History

For over 185 years, St. Aloysius has been committed to helping children in Southwest Ohio overcome their challenges and thrive.


Each year, we serve over 4,000 children. We meet them where they are, and give them the tools they need to overcome life's obstacles. 

Our Leadership

The heroes of St. Al's are our dedicated employees who work with our children every day, meeting them on the front lines of their personal battles.


Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to learn how we make each day count, share our success, and work to destigmatize mental health throughout our community. 

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Experience feel-good shopping

Shop at and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to St. Aloysius. No fees, no extra cost. Same products, same prices, same service. 

The Kroger Community Rewards program is one of the many ways you can make yesterday jealous. Link your Kroger Plus Card and you are instantly supporting our mission to transform lives for a lifetime.

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